Piggy backing on WiFi

It’s always a good idea to secure your wifi network. Don’t leave it as open network. Even if you are running a motel and want to provide free wifi to your guests, protect your business wifi with password and change the password every 2 weeks. If you have set up wifi in your home, protect your network with strong password. If some criminals use your wifi network for illegal activities, you will be accountable. Although you can prove that you are not the culprit but a victim, you need to jump thru lot of hoops to prove your innocence. We…

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How to stop the forum spam?

If you are a forum administrator, you know the pain of dealing with the spammers. These guys steal so much time that it’s getting almost impossible to maintain the forum. We block IPs from countries such as China, Russia, Romania, Latvia and many African countries. However that is not very effective because the spammers try to use servers from US and the UK. In US, Singlehop server is the main source of the forum spams. How to stop these spammers from polluting your forums? We are trying various approaches. This is becoming a cat and mouse game. There’s no just…

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Daylight saving and its effects on sleep

India doesn’t have daylight saving time. Thank God! If you live in U.S. or other countries (such as England and Australia) that follow daylight saving, you must be familiar with the weird feeling when the DST starts and ends. Today, daylight savings begin in U.S. Last year this time, I was in San Francisco. On March 14, 2011 (one day after the DST began) I saw a driver driving in opposite direction. Initially, I thought that it was a new software engineer from India that didn’t know the road rules in U.S. Then, I realized that it was an American.…

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Saving the life before reaching hospital

Many of us in India are not kind enough to give way for ambulances. I am not sure how many patients in India reach hospitals in time thru ambulances given the horrible traffic conditions and even more horrible attitude of drivers on the road. If ambulances in India are equipped with advanced medical equipments as described below, that could help to save at least some of the patients. University of Washington and other research institutions realized that treating patients within few minutes of cardiac arrest decides the life and death of the patients. Researchers recommend having mechanical CPR machines in…

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Black money is coming out in India

It’s a sign of changing times. Delhi based business man Satish Sawhney surrendered Rs. 73 crore to Income tax department after IT officers from newly created Directorate of Criminal Investigation raided Sawhney’s bungalows. Income tax team has found that Sawhney had five foreign bank accounts – one in Zurich and one in Singapore and three in the US. On top of all these, he had 8 huge lockers in banks in Delhi. Here is the kicker… Sawhney has hidden the documents about his foreign bank accounts in his SUV under the carpet. IT team didn’t leave anything for a chance.…

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Welcome 2012!

We wish very happy and prosperous New Year to all our users and well-wishers! If Mayan calendar is true, the world would end on December 21, 2012. That’s one more reason to celebrate this new year with full enthusiasm! We may not get to say happy new year again. So, “Happy New Year”!! Here are some pictures from all over the world depicting the new year celebrations. Enjoy the picture and Enjoy every day of this year! Related Link: End of Mayan calendar spurs big boom in end-of-world business

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National Manufacturing and Investment Zones

India is planning to establish seven national manufacturing and investment zones (NMIZ) to promote manufacturing industries. The concept promises ease of compliance and quick access to infrastructure. Government officials hope to create 100 million jobs over the next decade and to help spur growth in Indian manufacturing sector. Currently, manufacturing only contributes 15% to 16% of Indian GDP, compared to 34% in China, 28% in South Korea and 27% in Indonesia. The goal of the new policy is to raise the share in India to 25% by 2022. It’s an open secret that India is less hospitable place for entrepreneurs…

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$35 computer from India!

Finally… there is “Made in India” item that would make Indians proud. Rs. 1500 ($35) computer will be launched in few days, on October 5th. The primary goal of this computer is to help students. The new device is a single unit system with a touch screen and a built-in keyboard along with a 2 GB RAM memory, wi-fi connectivity, USB port and powered by a 2-watt system to suit poor power-supply areas. I guess it’s something like an iPad but with lower horsepower and much lower cost. I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Related Link: Economic…

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MyYearBook CEO’s memo to employees after merger with Quepasa

You know facebook. Do you know MyYearBook? It’s a popular networking site for teenagers in U.S. Recently Quepasa, social networking site for Latinos, bought MyYearBook for $100 million. The merger news itself is a non-event. However, the way the CEO communicated the merger news to the employees was unique. MyYearBook CEO Geoff Cook started the memo with clear message: Your job remains safe. Our intention with this merger is to continue to grow, and grow faster, not to make cuts. Your job is as secure as it was a month ago, a year ago, or in the case of many…

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Facebook campaign in Israel helped to reduce the price of cheese

Egyptians used facebook and twitter to oust their president. Israelis used facebook page to achieve something unthinkable – they made Tnuva Food Industries, the Israeli dairy company that controls 70% of the cottage cheese market in Israel, to reduce the price of cottage cheese. The Facebook page was launched by Yitzhak Elrov. He asked people to boycott cottage cheese until the prices come down. Satyagraha at work in Israel! In a matter of days, 70,000 people joined the facebook page and the page was growing by 2,000 people per hour. Sales of cottage cheese dropped between 20% and 25% during…

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