10 design interview tips to get a senior level job at Microsoft or Google

It is great to have received very positive feedback about my other posts on interview tips. Here are a few more suggestions specifically for those seeking senior engineer or architect positions:

  1. Be well versed in design pattern concepts.
  2. Be prepared with examples of most used patterns from your recent projects.
  3. Think how would you design common software components that are often taken for granted. For example, how would redesign a File Open dialog from user interface and middle tier perspective? Explain how your design is better than the current File Open dialog.
  4. Always explain using examples when abstract concepts are too abstract.
  5. Communication is very important as almost all senior engineers are expected to be great communicators.
  6. Highlight any prior experience of mentoring or managing.
  7. It is best to create your own design pattern (even if it is slightly different from one of the existing patterns).
  8. Always explain pros and cons of your approaches and provide solid reasoning why you would choose one over the other.
  9. Be prepared with each major technology listed on your resume. For example, if you claim expertise in COM, you might be expected to articulate the improvements of COM+ over COM and when to use what.
  10. Do not BS the interviewer. They will know if you do not know what you are talking about.

Hope this was useful. Have Fun!

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