Racial Discrimination in India

Forget the racial discrimination in western countries, it’s happening right here in India. If you belong to a particular caste, you will be given preferential treatment in some companies!

I work in Infosys. I don’t see much of discrimination here. My friend works in CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions). I was surprised by the way he described the working environment in CTS. According to him, CTS favours only Tamil Brahmins in hiring and promotion. The culture is tilted towards promoting people from Brahmin community. Apparently, there is a lot of politics going on inside CTS.

Many Brahmins in Chennai mention “Only Brahmins” when they advertise to rent out their houses or apartments. May be CTS should also the follow the same policy in their recruitment advertisements!

One surprising factor in CTS is that the company’s CEO Francisco D’Souza is not a Tamil Brahmin. He is a Christian, a PIO born in Kenya.

Francisco D'Souza

Business Week wrote an article about CTS. Many former and current employees of CTS pitched in to comment about politics in CTS. It’s an interesting discussion. You can read that article here.

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