Job Hunting Technique That Really Irritates

Many freshers are so desperate to land a job that they do some weird things hoping that it would get the attention of the recruiters.

Many candidates send “desktopdating” invitation to careers at digitalbhoomi dot com address. We are not in the business of dating candidates. When we received first few emails for desktopdating, it was funny. After few days, it was so irritating that we added a rule in outlook to throw out any email with desktopdating in the subject.

Some candidates also try to impress us with the message “Hey Careers”¦ you are xxxxxxxx’s yaar!”. What is this yaar crap?!

Latest in this spam category is “Do we like the same books?”. In the past few days, we received more than 10 emails with this subject. Some candidates want us to register in a virtual bookshelf site to see whether we have same interests.

All these attempts to get the attention of the recruiters will backfire. Personally, I want to hire matured and intelligent person. Inviting the recruiter for desktopdating or yaar is not a matured behaviour!

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4 thoughts on “Job Hunting Technique That Really Irritates

  1. Karthik

    I came across this post on this blog when I was searchign for something else by mistake. I read this post and knew immediately that something was wrong.

    All of these mails you are referring to, viz., Desktopdating, Shelfari ,…etc are not sent with the knowledge of the sender. I don’t think anyone in his/her right mind would send such mails to a recruiter. How it typically works is, once these sites fool an individual into giving their email and password (not always the case), they send bulk mails to all the contacts on your mail list. So, that way, it would have sent a mail to you too.

    However, deleting them or reporting them as spam is the best thing to do. But, this is definitely not an attempt to get the attention of recruiters.

    P.S: I have never heard about the Yaar thing though. 😀

  2. samson

    i v just received one such mssage from my boss ‘s email address but have not read it yet en thought i should search info about desktopdating, so i ll just delet it , thax very much

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