Bottle Makes Dirty Water Drinkable

The way fresh water is supplied to disaster-hit regions could be revolutionized after an Ipswich-based businessman invented a $385 bottle that makes foul-smelling water drinkable in seconds.

Michael Pritchard hopes that the bottle could be a life-saver for refugees in disaster regions where access to clean drinking water is vital.

Michael, who runs a water treatment business in Ipswich, was inspired after watching coverage of the tsunami in south-east Asia.

He was amazed to see refugees waiting for days to get any fresh water.

He said: “Something had to be done. It took me a little while and some very frustrating prototypes but eventually I did it.”

Conventional filters can cut out bacteria measuring more than 200 nanometres but not viruses, which typically are 25 nanometres long.

Wonder Bottle

Mr Pritchard’s bottle can clean up any water – including faecal matter – using a filter that cuts out anything longer than 15 nanometres, which means that viruses can be filtered out without the use of chemicals.

This invention is not only useful for disaster regions. Most of our slum areas resemble disaster regions, people live in these areas don’t have access to clean water. Indian Government and NGOs should provide these wonder bottles to all the poor areas.

But, there is one problem though. Some people in slums will start selling these bottles in the open market for less price and go back to drinking dirty water.

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