Layoffs in India

It’s generally unheard of in India. In a sign of market changes, Indian companies also started terminating poor performers. TCS terminated 500 staffs recently. IBM dismissed 700 freshers. It’s the side effect of hurried-up hiring processes employed throughout IT industry.

I personally have the problem of recruiting good people. There are so many freshers out there, but it’s very hard to recruit the right person that has passion for the work.

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3 thoughts on “Layoffs in India

  1. Elango

    The time has come for corrections to eliminate low performed IT workers and unrealstic salary hikes in India. India is a employees market now. The recent IT generations in India haven’t seen the downtrend in IT like year 2000.If it happens in India, all younger IT generations will go to dipression.
    If you hire 1 person in USA, you can hire 4 persons in India (Year 2000) ie 1:4 ratio. After 15% hike in salaries for every year in India it has almost become 1:2. Think if it has become 1:1.

  2. Ram Post author

    Elango, thank you for the feedback. If the ratio becomes 1:1, all americans will be happy! No more outsourcing after that.

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