How to Create OpenSocial Application – Part 3

Code Runner is available only in Orkut and has its own limitations. You can test some functions in Code Runner. But, you can’t test your entire application there. If you want to go beyond the basic testing, you need to create the XML file with your application code and store that in your server.

I created a simple application to get some information from my server and to display the data in Orkut. Then, I added the application in Orkut sandbox. When I added the application I made sure that my friends can’t see the application in my profile. I don’t want them to see all my experimental mistakes! Once I got the handle on basics, I added more code and tested it.

Here are the steps to add your brand new application to the Orkut sandbox.

  • Logon to your sandbox account.
  • Click “edit” link next to the Apps in the left navigation bar.
  • In the next window, enter your application XML file’s URL and add the application.
  • In the next page you have to decide whether you want to add the application in your profile and send the updates to your friends.
  • Click “Add application”. Voila…your application is active in the sandbox!

Click the edit link in the left navigation bar

Enter your XML file URL in the box

If you don’t have access to a server, you can use the sample XML file ( I created just for the demo. You can add this application and see how the whole process works. This sample file will work only in Orkut. It won’t work in Hi5. I will explain that later.

Once the application is added to the sandbox, you can view the application to see how it looks! Please note that at this point, your application is added only to your sandbox. It’s not added to Orkut application directory. We will talk about adding to applications directory later.

When you test your Orkut/Hi5 application, it’s better to test it in Firefox. The reason is that you have another wonderful tool “Firebug” in Firefox. Firebug saved me hours when I was trying to debug why the application didn’t work the way it was supposed to work.

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