How to Create OpenSocial Application – Part 5

I was waiting for good news from Orkut. The moment arrived on Friday evening. Our application “iConnect” is approved! The app is installed more than 1800 times in the last 3 days. Please check out the app and let me know your feedback.

Now, coming back to Hi5…

If you have Hi5 account, signing up for Hi5 sandbox is pretty easy. Visit this page for more information. After you signup for sandbox, logon to your account and click “Developer”. You will see “Create sample app” under Quick Start.

Once you have sample app added to your account, you can use the “Edit” link to edit the sample code and play with it. When you are done with the sample application, you can create a new application by clicking “New application” link in the top.

Hi5 Sandbox

Add your application XML file URL in the box that appears in the new window and then Submit. Then, you will see your new app in the application list. At this point, you can view how your canvas would look like by clicking “Canvas” link. Samething is for preview. Hi5 has one neat link called “Refresh”. When you change your XML, you don’t need to add &bpc=1 (as in Orkut sandbox) to bypass the cache. Just click Refresh link, your app will take the new code.

Hi5 also has “Stats” that shows you how many people use your app. Ofcourse, it has no meaning in sandbox anyway. It will be useful when your app is live.

Orkut has only two views: Profile and Canvas. Hi5 has an additional view “Preview”. So, your XML should contain the code for Preview also. Otherwise you app will be rejected right away (happened to me). This page has good overview of the typical Hi5 app.

When you click the Canvas view you will see your app in action. If you are satisfied with your app, you can submit the app to Hi5 using “Submit to Gallery” link. When you do that “Submit to Gallery” will change into “Submitted for Approval” as shown in the picture above.

Hi5 has some documentation to help the developers. Most of their document pages have no padding in the left or right. That makes it little uncomfortable to read. Anyway, something is better than nothing. There is one page that you should read to save hours of research to find out why some open social attributes don’t work in Hi5.

We will be done with the next part.

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