Polio in India?

We forgot the polio long time ago. We think that it’s eradicated from the world. According to polioeradicatio.org, 518 polio cases were detected in this year alone.

Polio Cases in India - Polioeradication.org

Polio Cases in India - Polioeradication.org

Google.org launched an initiative to prevent polio. As a part of their initiative, they made “Final Inch”, 38-minute film to spread the message and to highlight the effort to eradicate polio. See the trailer and clipping below.

Whether you like Google’s dominance or Microsoft’s dominance, it’s hard not to appreciate the sincere efforts taken by these companies to help the world.

There are so many good hearted volunteers that travel the world to eradicate the polio and other diseases. Polio survivors like Ramesh Ferris also traveling the world to spread the awareness. Let god them to help the poor.

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