Google Layoffs

Google laid off more employees last week. It let go 3000 contract employees and 300 full time employees. Analysts expect more layoffs to come from Google in the future. The company also closed two regional offices in Michigan and Colorado.

When the employees are terminated ruthlessly, executive managers take big money home even when they are terminated. Ebay’s senior executives received 4 years (years, not months) of pay when they were terminated. Well, I guess this is just the way it is.

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One thought on “Google Layoffs

  1. chetan

    People always hate to talk about when they are laid off. But as it has become every day’s news headline since Yahoo started it with cutting 1500 of its task force last year, now a need of platform has been in demand where people can express their selves in words how they are feeling about their company, whey the got laid off was that justified or not.
    And every thing they want to tell anonymously.And is providing you that platform.

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