Pornafide Work

Sex is the major activity in Internet. All porn sites make money and get good amount of traffic. It’s not a secret. However, an employee viewing porn sites during office hours is a serious issue. Indian IT employees’ visits to porn sites have shown an increase of 23 percent compared to last year, as per a report by Newsweek. More than 30% of U.S. men visit porn sites at work according to the poll conducted by Harris Interactive.

The trend has resulted in considerable increase of employees’ ending up facing termination orders. An employee of Wipro under anonymity said, “One of my colleagues was fired under the pretext of underperformance while the actual reason was that he had been caught viewing porn.”

Employees spending time viewing porn is obviously waste of money and productivity for the companies unless the company itself is involved in providing porn services. Companies can use network tools to block many sites. They are slowly catching up, accepting the issue and fixing it.

Whatever may be the case, if an employee prefers to view the porn sites at work especially in this economic climate, the employer should terminate him/her, so that he/she has enough time at home to surf the porn sites.

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