Top 30 Offshoring Destinations

India remains the world leader in offshoring services in spite of economic crisis that affects the whole world. Analyzing 72 offshoring countries, the research firm Gartner has announced its ‘Top 30 offshoring destinations’, where India placed the top followed by China. The report shows that the dynamic nature of the market has seen a number of countries position themselves as credible alternatives to the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

According to the report 10 countries from Asia Pacific were represented in the 30 leading countries. These included the undisputed leader in offshore services, India and the greatest challenger in terms of potential scale, China. The rest are a mix of mature environments that offer limited cost benefits such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and emerging countries with a variety of challenges, but attractive costs, such as Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Ian Marriott, Research Vice President, Gartner opined that countries such as Mexico, Poland and Vietnam have continued to strengthen their position against leading alternatives, while others have forced their way into the ‘Top 30’. Only seven countries from America have appeared in the final list of 30. Whereas, as per the Gartner report these countries are becoming an attractive proposition for the largest buying market for offshore services -the U.S. Only Canada was rated ‘excellent’ for language (with fluent English and French) but Latin American countries are able to leverage their Spanish-language skills increasingly in the U.S.

The top 30 list also includes the countries such as Ireland, Israel and South Africa that fared well for language skills, because of the quality and quantity of English-language speakers.

Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Uruguay have left the Top 30 list this year, while new entrants in the top offshoring countries are Egypt, Morocco, Panama and Thailand.

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