Prostitution thru Craigslist – Continues…

Craigslist removed “erotic” category from its U.S. websites. But, it keeps the erotic category in many other countries including India. Interestingly, it removed erotic category from its Singapore site, possibly because of the fear of punitive action from Singapore Government. It’s obvious that Craigslist needs erotic category to grow its classifieds business. People look for sex, you give a place for that, then also show the ads for cars, furniture, etc., Sex is the viral influencing factor for centuries. Why change the proven business model, huh?

As we wrote before, Indian government should take action against all websites that promote prostitution. It’s not difficult for websites (including digitalbhoomi) to filter or ban the ads that contain certain keywords in the advertisement. Website owners just need to understand their social responsibility and act on it.

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