Mobile app market will emerge as a $38billion market by 2015

There are over 350,000 applications available for download on the iPhone platform. Downloadable applications spread to almost every other mobile platform such as Android and Windows Mobile. Recent report from Forrester Research indicates that the business opportunities associated with apps were just the beginning. Forrester estimates that the revenue created from customers buying and downloading apps to smartphones and tablets will reach $38 billion by 2015.

Forrester Research’s John McCarthy estimates that enterprise services opportunity alone would be $17 billion market. The combined spend on apps and services would be $55 billion market by 2015! Forrester’s report also predicts that a new category of apps, that exploit the cloud computing, will surface over the next few years.

If you are a mobile app developer, improve your skill set every few months. You are going to be in lot of demand! Check out the charts above to get an idea about the opportunity that is waiting for you.

Before I complete this post, I can’t stop comparing the mobile app market opportunity with 2G spectrum scam in India. Market for mobile apps worldwide will reach $38 billion in 2015. But, our dear visionary politicians looted $39billion in mobile spectrum scandal 7 years ahead.

Source: New York Times, Forrester Research

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