Microsoft attack the spammers and pull the plug on spam servers

Microsoft and many security companies like Symantec believed that Rustock “botnet”, computer farm (network of computers), was the main culprit behind 50% of the spam that is hitting your inbox. Today, Microsoft and U.S. marshals seized computer equipment from Internet hosting facilities across the U.S. in a sweeping legal attack designed to cripple the botnet. Microsoft’s digital crimes unit staff accompanied U.S. law enforcement officers in raids conducted at Kansas City, Mo.; Scranton, Pa; Denver; Dallas; Chicago; Seattle and Columbus, Ohio.

The idea is to knock out the brain of the network that spans globally. This nasty network was used to send spams from Viagra to Nigerian scam. Microsoft executives likened the action to a “decapitation” of the botnet aimed at severing the command-and-control computers from sending orders to their network of infected computers, which are typically owned by people who have no idea their machines are being abused by outsiders for spam.

Microsoft says it confiscated dozens of hard drives and a handful of computers from the hosting providers as part of the raid. Most of the equipment was leased from afar by customers; some addresses were listed in Azerbaijan.

Kudos to Microsoft! I hope that the server that sent the below spam to me is dead now.

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