DVD Audio Garbled in Windows XP – How to fix it?

I have been struggling with this issue for last 18 months. I can hear music from my laptop. I can play mpg files in VLC player. But, I can’t listen to audio when I play DVD in the laptop. Video comes out ok, but the audio is garbled.

I searched for answer in lot of places including dell forum, Windows tools, Windows forum, etc., Nothing happened. Finally, I hit this article in techimo.com. It has the answer I was looking for long time.

Techimo member osprey4 explained that the problem could be due to DVD drive being stuck in PIO mode. To fix this, I followed the following steps:

Go to device manager, expand IDE controllers, right click Secondary IDE channel, select properties. Check what is there next to current transfer mode. If it says PIO mode, here is the way to fix it.

Expand CD/DVD drives and uninstall your drive, then uninstall the secondary IDE channel. Reboot your system, allowing XP to reinstall these devices. For me, the reinstall was done automatically. Windows didn’t even ask me if I wanted to reinstall. Just like magic, I see “DMA if available” in Secondary IDE channel’s properties. That does the trick. Now, I can enjoy the DVD movies in my laptop now without worrying about converting DVD movie files to .mpg files to view them in VLC player.

If you want to know about the technical details of PIO, click here. For DMA, click here.

If the above method doesn’t work for you, try this.

Thanks again to osprey4 in techimo!

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