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Google had an amazing social networking platform – Orkut. It was popular in India and Brazil. However, Google didn’t properly leverage it to compete in social media battleground. I am not sure about Brazil, but Indians ditched Orkut and massively migrated to facebook in the last two years.

Google woke up and trying to compete with Facebook with a new product called Google+. The new product is trying to exploit some major weaknesses of Facebook. Privacy features in Facebook is kind of joke. If you set your profile and adjust privacy settings to have your pictures visible only to your friends, Facebook inadvertently opens up the pictures to your friends’ friends too.

Google+ is trying to address the privacy issue by encouraging users to create groups and share information only within those groups. The idea is that you can publish an update to only 10 close friends even though you may have 500 friends in your profile. Google+ will also let the users do video chat.

I guess Google+ will do just fine if there is a serious commitment from Google’s senior management. Google+ may provide APIs to developers and let them create applications in Google+, just like Facebook applications. If that happens, Google+ will take off and will become Google+++++!

Currently, Google+ is invitation-only product. Probably Google is trying to project an image of Google+ as an exclusive product. Google tried the same tactic when it introduced Gmail.

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  1. Embroidery Sarees

    really very very good social media is google+ i like this lot really its wonderful to use it and also so trendy 🙂 🙂 I expert in future we are going to have more and more facility in google+

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