MyYearBook CEO’s memo to employees after merger with Quepasa

You know facebook. Do you know MyYearBook? It’s a popular networking site for teenagers in U.S. Recently Quepasa, social networking site for Latinos, bought MyYearBook for $100 million. The merger news itself is a non-event. However, the way the CEO communicated the merger news to the employees was unique.

MyYearBook CEO Geoff Cook started the memo with clear message:

Your job remains safe. Our intention with this merger is to continue to grow, and grow faster, not to make cuts. Your job is as secure as it was a month ago, a year ago, or in the case of many of you, five years ago. The job postings we have up are staying up. We will continue to aggressively grow.

Our culture isn’t changing. A product-first mindset, a commitment to tackling hard technical projects and getting things live, a culture of mutual respect, dinner for people who stay late, free gym memberships, all-you-can-drink caffeine, company-wide lunches, open-door policies, softball teams with more heart than talent, our location, and all the other little things that make this company great, will not change.

I am not going anywhere. I view this deal as a stepping-stone to building a billion-dollar global brand around social discovery. As President of the Consumer Internet Division and Chief Operating Officer of the combined company, I will have responsibility for both and I will also be joining the Quepasa Board along with 2 other Board members who have a history of supporting myYearbook.

Simple and clear message from the leader will quell any fear among employees. Great job Mr. Cook!икониПравославни иконииконописikoni

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