Saving the life before reaching hospital

Many of us in India are not kind enough to give way for ambulances. I am not sure how many patients in India reach hospitals in time thru ambulances given the horrible traffic conditions and even more horrible attitude of drivers on the road. If ambulances in India are equipped with advanced medical equipments as described below, that could help to save at least some of the patients.

University of Washington and other research institutions realized that treating patients within few minutes of cardiac arrest decides the life and death of the patients. Researchers recommend having mechanical CPR machines in the ambulance. These machines provide continuous chest compressions so that paramedics can perform other lifesaving procedures without pausing to restore breathing.

Another life saving device is a digital transmission system that transmits ECG readings to the hospital so cardiac patients can get treated faster.

Complete details about the devices can be read at

Image Source: Wall Street Journal

If you live in metro cities of India, you have access to the ambulances. Whether these ambulances reach the hospital in time is subject to mental conditions of the maniac drivers on the road. There are so many Indian cities, let alone villages, that don’t have even one ambulance. Instead of giving away free TVs and free laptops, state governments should focus on health care and make sure each city and village is equipped with a hospital and an ambulance.

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