Daylight saving and its effects on sleep

India doesn’t have daylight saving time. Thank God! If you live in U.S. or other countries (such as England and Australia) that follow daylight saving, you must be familiar with the weird feeling when the DST starts and ends.

Today, daylight savings begin in U.S. Last year this time, I was in San Francisco. On March 14, 2011 (one day after the DST began) I saw a driver driving in opposite direction. Initially, I thought that it was a new software engineer from India that didn’t know the road rules in U.S. Then, I realized that it was an American. Why he was driving in the opposite direction? He was sleep deprived because of daylight savings. When the daylight savings begin, clocks are forwarded one hour. In U.S., DST begins on second Sunday of March. On this day, people lose one hour. When the DST ends, they gain that one hour back. It’s a zero sum game. It looks like simple math. But, the havoc it plays on human mind is complex.

When DST begins, people realize that it is already 9am when it was supposed to 8am! It is unreal. Body clock doesn’t immediately accept the time change. It will take few days to adjust to DST. It’s like having jet lag. People don’t get enough sleep for few days after second Sunday of March. As a result, some of them start driving in opposite direction.

When I read the news article in Yahoo about Cyberloafing, I could relate to the findings of the study by a team of researchers in University of Alabama. They concluded that the lost hour of sleep can have negative impacts on health, especially for people who already stay up too late. There you have it. If you live in North America, be extra careful in the next few days especially when you are on the road.подаръци

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2 thoughts on “Daylight saving and its effects on sleep


    So guys. . . . ,

    we can conclude that the Lost hour by sleeping made harmful to our health. . .!!

    So its good to stop losting ofTIME by sleeping. . !!

    Expecially for lazy Students who wake up too late. . . .including me. . .!!
    (avoid sleeping in class room)
    😉 🙂

  2. Manisha Singh


    It was a nice read but a bit too short. Would have liked to read how else it effects people there.

    or may be I’m just a little biased and want to keep reading about the ‘few’ good things that India follows 🙂

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