How to stop the forum spam?

If you are a forum administrator, you know the pain of dealing with the spammers. These guys steal so much time that it’s getting almost impossible to maintain the forum. We block IPs from countries such as China, Russia, Romania, Latvia and many African countries. However that is not very effective because the spammers try to use servers from US and the UK. In US, Singlehop server is the main source of the forum spams.

How to stop these spammers from polluting your forums? We are trying various approaches. This is becoming a cat and mouse game. There’s no just one thing you could do to stop the spams. You need to keep on refining your approach to protect your forum. We see a consistent pattern among the spammers. We use that pattern to knock off the spammers. We also put honey trap to trap the bad guys. For past few weeks, we are moderating each and every registration to make sure Digital Bhoomi forum is free of spams. Moderating each registration is not an easy task. We get hundreds of registrations every day. 80% of these registrations are spams.

The spammers are organized and attacking the forums from various locations. All forum admins need to join their hands together and make a united attack against the spammers. is helping the forum administrators to do just that. We add spammers’ data using “Add Spam Data” link Many other forum admins do the same thing. Stopforumspam has the database of all spam IPs. If experience is any guide, this database will never be “complete”. That’s the reality. But, at least forum admins can make coordinated effort to kick out the insidious, cunning spammers by blocking their IPs.

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