Piggy backing on WiFi

It’s always a good idea to secure your wifi network. Don’t leave it as open network. Even if you are running a motel and want to provide free wifi to your guests, protect your business wifi with password and change the password every 2 weeks. If you have set up wifi in your home, protect your network with strong password.

If some criminals use your wifi network for illegal activities, you will be accountable. Although you can prove that you are not the culprit but a victim, you need to jump thru lot of hoops to prove your innocence. We discussed about terrorists using residential wifi network in Mumbai to carry out their communication. If your wifi network is not secure, secure it now before it is too late. See How to setup wireless network.

If you are still not convinced about securing wifi, check out recent article in Wall Street Journal. In U.S., Pennsylvania state police tried to find a man suspected of downloading child pornography by tracing the downloads to an IP address. Police obtained the subscriber’s address from Internet provider and then got a warrant to search the subscriber’s home, according to court documents. But police soon ruled out the subscriber as the culprit. The authorities then realized that someone nearby had been mooching the subscriber’s wireless Internet service and found the real culprit who was using subscriber’s wifi network.

Moral of the story: It’s not worth to go thru the humiliation because some crook used your wifi. Secure your network.

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