Daylight saving and its effects on sleep

India doesn’t have daylight saving time. Thank God! If you live in U.S. or other countries (such as England and Australia) that follow daylight saving, you must be familiar with the weird feeling when the DST starts and ends. Today, daylight savings begin in U.S. Last year this time, I was in San Francisco. On March 14, 2011 (one day after the DST began) I saw a driver driving in opposite direction. Initially, I thought that it was a new software engineer from India that didn’t know the road rules in U.S. Then, I realized that it was an American.…

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Welcome 2012!

We wish very happy and prosperous New Year to all our users and well-wishers! If Mayan calendar is true, the world would end on December 21, 2012. That’s one more reason to celebrate this new year with full enthusiasm! We may not get to say happy new year again. So, “Happy New Year”!! Here are some pictures from all over the world depicting the new year celebrations. Enjoy the picture and Enjoy every day of this year! Related Link: End of Mayan calendar spurs big boom in end-of-world business

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Anna Hazare breaks fast and unites India

Anna Hazare has shown us what one man can do. Our government finally agreed to all his demands. I feel jubilant that a group of activists forced the government to pass the bill that was pending for 42 years. What happened in the past four days is nothing short of amazing. People, especially youth, from all parts of the country jumped in to support Mr. Anna Hazare. What motivated the young generation to participate in a campaign led by 72 year old man? Our current young generation is truly motivated by Mr. Abdul Kalam. When I read discussions in our…

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Sabarimala Stampede

It was a black pongal for hundreds of families in South India. Thousands of Sabarimala pilgrims were coming down in the hill areas after “jyothi dharsan”. Some of them tried to board a rented jeep, when the jeep rolled over due to over-weight, it fell on the group of pilgrims. Other pilgrims tried to run away because of the fear that jeep might overrun them. That created worst possible stampede and killed hundreds of pilgrims including innocent children. My heart aches for all of them especially the children. More on this at Dead bodies are dumped in a tractor…

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Prostitution thru Craigslist – Continues…

Craigslist removed “erotic” category from its U.S. websites. But, it keeps the erotic category in many other countries including India. Interestingly, it removed erotic category from its Singapore site, possibly because of the fear of punitive action from Singapore Government. It’s obvious that Craigslist needs erotic category to grow its classifieds business. People look for sex, you give a place for that, then also show the ads for cars, furniture, etc., Sex is the viral influencing factor for centuries. Why change the proven business model, huh? As we wrote before, Indian government should take action against all websites that promote…

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Prostitution thru Craigslist

Craigslist got popular because of the simple design and word of mouth. It’s not a secret that “Casual encounters” and personal ads played a larger role in the popularity of Craigslist. Today, it is one of the top websites in the world. Prostitution ads are quite common in Craigslist; these ads are disguised as “Erotic services” ads. These ads found their place in Craigslist’s Indian website too. Indian government should take action against Craigslist and similar websites that promote prostitution so publicly. These are not just “services” ads. The ads clearly state “Rs. 4000/2 hours, Rs. 7000/night with accommodation”. For…

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Welcome Wal-mart!

Wal-mart entered India in stealth mode with the different name “BestPrice Modern Wholesale.”. They should have named it “Best Bazaar” following the local tradition! This entry itself is a big victory for Wal-mart considering the huge opposition from local retailers. Although the media says that mom-and-pop shops would be affected by Wal-mart’s direct entry in India, the truth is that giant local retailers like Reliance and Big Bazaar influence politicians to keep Wal-mart in check. Despite of all these hurdles, Wal-mart entered India with the help of joint-venture with Bharti. We can debate for many days whether Wal-mart hurts small…

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All Roads Lead to Pakistan

Although Pakistan denied any links to Mumbai attacks, recent U.S. report clearly indicates Pakistan as the source of terrorism. “Were one to map terrorism and weapons of mass destruction today, all roads would intersect in Pakistan,” the report states. More details are here. Related Links: Enough is Enough | The Perils of Blaming Pakistan | Pakistan is International Migraine

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Polio in India?

We forgot the polio long time ago. We think that it’s eradicated from the world. According to, 518 polio cases were detected in this year alone. launched an initiative to prevent polio. As a part of their initiative, they made “Final Inch”, 38-minute film to spread the message and to highlight the effort to eradicate polio. See the trailer and clipping below. Whether you like Google’s dominance or Microsoft’s dominance, it’s hard not to appreciate the sincere efforts taken by these companies to help the world. There are so many good hearted volunteers that travel the world to…

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