Facebook is sued for $1 by AOL news writer

David Fagin was banned by facebook for “spamming” by sending number of friend requests. Ironically, facebook recommended those contacts to be added. I am sure you would have seen lots of small blocks hanging around in the right column with the recommendation of more friends. When David Fagin clicked on those links and tried to send the friend request, he got the warning. Boy, was he pissed off or what?! Now, he is suing facebook for $1! Ok, $1 is not much, but it will definitely get the attention of lot of people including Mark Zuckerberg. Related Links: Tech Crunch…

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Facebook helps a disabled person to escape from fire

Finally.. there is something good from these social networking sites. So far, these sites killed few teenagers and made few programmers billionaires. For the first time in social networking history, a website saved a disabled person’s life. Bob Chambers is disabled due to muscular dystrophy. He couldn’t move much, but could type chat messages and play facebook games with the specialized set of keyboard and mouse. When he sensed the fire in the house, he sent messages to his facebook friends that were online at that time. His friends called 911 and he was saved. Read full story here.

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