Anna Hazare breaks fast and unites India

Anna Hazare has shown us what one man can do. Our government finally agreed to all his demands. I feel jubilant that a group of activists forced the government to pass the bill that was pending for 42 years. What happened in the past four days is nothing short of amazing. People, especially youth, from all parts of the country jumped in to support Mr. Anna Hazare. What motivated the young generation to participate in a campaign led by 72 year old man? Our current young generation is truly motivated by Mr. Abdul Kalam. When I read discussions in our…

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Singapore Ambassador Calls India ‘Stupid’

These guys think like this all the time, now it came out in public because of wikileaks. According to wikileaks, Singapore Ambassador Tommy Koh called India ‘stupid’ in the context of India’s stance on ASEAN grouping. Full details are here. As you know, Wikileaks leaked a lot of official U.S. documents and embarrassed a lot of countries. It’s refreshing to know how our neighbor country thinks of us. Singapore is teeny tiny country. It depends on others even for water. It calls India stupid. Go figure.

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Karnataka Land Scandal

Real estate scandals are not new in India. Once upon a time in India, corrupt politicians solicited the suitcase full of money to dole out favors. For the last 10 years, the corruption was relatively easy for these politicians. Get some lands at ridiculously low price and give out spectrum at insane prices. Just when BJP was criticizing Congress over 2G spectrum scandal, it has to face the scandal allegation on its own B.S. Yeddyurappa, CM in Karnataka. Urban lands were given to Yeddyurappa’s son and daughter just like that. After much drama, these lands were returned to Bangalore Development…

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Thiruvalluvar in Bangalore

Anything can trigger Tamil-Kannada violence. Even a statue. Unveiling Thiruvalluvar statue in Bangalore caused lot of drama in Bangalore. I feel that there should not be any statue allowed in any public place in the country. Why the hell we need statues? If you like Thiruvalluvar, follow his poems. He advised people against corruption and greed. How many Tamil politicians really respect and follow Thiruvalluvar’s advice? Our roads are small; there are not enough spaces to go around. In the middle of the road, we have lot of statues. If you go to Marina beach road in Chennai, politicians erected…

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L.K. Advani’s Web 2.0 Campaign in Adsense

U.S. President Obama used web 2.0 tools extensively in his election campaign. Some candidates in U.S. tried blogging and setting up websites in prior elections. Obama went many steps ahead of them and used tools such as Central Desktop to organize the volunteers and execute the campaign. As we all know, his strategy yielded fruits and put him in the White House. Now, BJP’s L.K. Advani is trying the same tactic for his election campaign. He uses Adsense extensively to draw traffic to his website You can see some of his ads below. L.K. Advani has to use lot…

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Anti-terror bills passed in parliament

Mumbai attacks gave us the wake-up call. Government is acting on it. It passed the bill similar to POTA it opposed not too long ago. Lok Sabha unanimously passed the National Investigation Agency (NIA) Bill and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment (UAPA). The bill to amend the UAPA has stringent provisions, including a detention period of 180 days, instead of the present 90 days, and denial of bail altogether to a foreigner accused of acts of terrorism in India. The amendments also provide for freezing, seizing and attaching funds and other financial assets or economic resources held by individuals or…

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Taliban offers to help Pakistan

In a bizarre turnaround, Taliban offers to help Pakistan if it goes to war with India. “We may have a dispute with the Pakistan government, but we would set aside our differences if our homeland was threatened by outside powers,” said Maulvi Nazir, head of a powerful Pakistani Taliban splinter group in the tribal area of South Waziristan. “We would raise a force of 15,000 tribal Taliban to fight on the side of Pakistan’s armed forces. We would infiltrate 500 suicide bombers into India to cause havoc there.” Obviously Taliban is trying to seize the opportunity to end the attacks…

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All Roads Lead to Pakistan

Although Pakistan denied any links to Mumbai attacks, recent U.S. report clearly indicates Pakistan as the source of terrorism. “Were one to map terrorism and weapons of mass destruction today, all roads would intersect in Pakistan,” the report states. More details are here. Related Links: Enough is Enough | The Perils of Blaming Pakistan | Pakistan is International Migraine

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History is Made in U.S.

I guess that I am lucky to see the history making moment as it happens. It’s not just that a black man get elected as President. It’s much more than that. Most of America came together, irrespective of their race, and supported Obama. In the last one week, there were lot of things thrown at Obama. Still, he managed to sail it thru because of the support of the majority of the people. It’s truly a landslide victory given the circumstances. I was in San Francisco last week, when CNN broadcasted the accusation about Obama meeting with pro-palestinian professor. When…

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What if we all cared enough to vote?

In U.S., Starbucks is running an ad campaign with this tag line “What if we all cared enough to vote?” for the upcoming presidential election on November 4th. I wish that India has similar organizations that push the voters to get out and vote.

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