Shame of India has a section called “Shame of India“. Although the name of the section sounds little disturbing, Nyayabhoomi tried to portray all the ugly scenes in India with the constructive criticism. They are also trying to find permanent solutions to the problems most of us face everyday. I am shocked by the sports section in the “Shame” page. It’s really a shame that India can’t nurture talented sports people. Take a look at China, they are extremely good at it. Related Link: TN Sportswoman attempts suicide

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Why Kenyans always win the Marathons?

Kenyans won the Boston Marathon that was held yesterday. They always seem to win these marathons. Indians are not seen anywhere near top 100. What makes the Kenyans win the race consistently? Running experts say the Kenyans excel at marathons because they’ve grown up at high altitudes in a culture that glorifies distance running. The Kenyans say their victories are the result of their simply working harder than anybody else. But now, some of the best running brains in the U.S. are out to uncover the hard science behind marathon success. In something of a Manhattan Project for marathoning, researchers…

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