Infosys in hot water

It was going to happen anyway. Now, it happened. Someone filed lawsuit against Infosys for abusing B1 visa program. Many Indian companies were doing this for years. These companies get B1 visa for their employees and send them for long term assignments in U.S. The visa type B1 is meant for “business trips”. Business trips are supposed to be short-term trips. The employee is supposed to attend some meetings/trade shows/conferences and return back to home country in weeks. Instead, B1 visa holders stay in U.S. for months. It’s not only Infosys, other outsourcing companies also follow the same practice. It…

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iPhone secretly tracks where you go

Do you remember where you were last year this time? Your iPhone knows. Security researchers Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan discovered that iPhone and iPad stores users’ locations and timestamps in an unencrypted file. When you sync your iPhone or iPad with your computer, the information is also stored in your computers. If someone gets access to your computers, they can easily track all the places you visited in the last one year. It’s a serious issue for people that worry about privacy. Most of us don’t think that someone is going to look at our computers and look for…

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DVD Audio Garbled in Windows XP – How to fix it?

I have been struggling with this issue for last 18 months. I can hear music from my laptop. I can play mpg files in VLC player. But, I can’t listen to audio when I play DVD in the laptop. Video comes out ok, but the audio is garbled. I searched for answer in lot of places including dell forum, Windows tools, Windows forum, etc., Nothing happened. Finally, I hit this article in It has the answer I was looking for long time. Techimo member osprey4 explained that the problem could be due to DVD drive being stuck in PIO…

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Mobile app market will emerge as a $38billion market by 2015

There are over 350,000 applications available for download on the iPhone platform. Downloadable applications spread to almost every other mobile platform such as Android and Windows Mobile. Recent report from Forrester Research indicates that the business opportunities associated with apps were just the beginning. Forrester estimates that the revenue created from customers buying and downloading apps to smartphones and tablets will reach $38 billion by 2015. Forrester Research’s John McCarthy estimates that enterprise services opportunity alone would be $17 billion market. The combined spend on apps and services would be $55 billion market by 2015! Forrester’s report also predicts that…

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Facebook helps a disabled person to escape from fire

Finally.. there is something good from these social networking sites. So far, these sites killed few teenagers and made few programmers billionaires. For the first time in social networking history, a website saved a disabled person’s life. Bob Chambers is disabled due to muscular dystrophy. He couldn’t move much, but could type chat messages and play facebook games with the specialized set of keyboard and mouse. When he sensed the fire in the house, he sent messages to his facebook friends that were online at that time. His friends called 911 and he was saved. Read full story here.

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What the hell is Big-O?

If you are a computer science graduate, you might have heard about Big-O. It’s basically a way to analyze the performance of your algorithm. There are lots of web pages that go in deep to explain Big-O, for example Harvard University page dives deep into this concept. I was looking for pretty simple explanation, finally found it at Related Link: Big-O Notation – What it is good for?

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Teeny Tiny iPod

Apple takes a shot at the size of the iPod one more time. It reduced the size of the new iPod shuffle to almost the size of…. New iPod Shuffle has all the controls in the headphone cord. This iPod shuffle can store upto 1000 songs and costs $79. It also has a function called “VoiceOver” — iPod will speak the name and artist of the song when you push a button! Whether Steve Jobs is in the office or not, Apple continues to deliver its magic. That’s a great news for Apple fans and shareholders.

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State of Technology Funding in India

If you start a technology company (not the cinema portals, real tech company!) in India today, what are the odds of getting the funding from VCs? Sloka Telecom’s CEO Suraj Karampuri thinks that the chances are very slim. You need to manage to raise the funds from self, friends and family. Suraj gave an interesting interview in which he offers he views on tech start-up scenario in India and funding options for tech companies in India. VCs are more interested in investing in spammy sites like youmint. You can read more from Suraj’s interview here.

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I Spot You!

If you are an adventurous type person, you know how difficult it is to communicate to your family and friends if you are get caught in unexpected situation. Frequently, we hear news about people gone missing when they are hiking. People go into wild and never come back mainly because no one is there to rescue them. Spot Inc created Spot Satellite Messenger to help people that are lost in the jungle. It would be really useful to hikers, campers, hunters and the like. I guess that you can even use it in theme parts to locate your kids. If…

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Cell phones cause damage to memory

Swedish researchers have found memory impairment in rats exposed to cell phone radiation for two hours every week for more than a year. Henrietta Nittby and her supervisor Leif Salford, of the neurosurgery division of Lund University, Sweden, believe that the findings may be related to the team’s earlier findings, that microwave radiation from cell phones can affect the so-called blood-brain barrier. Salford and his associates have previously found that albumin, a protein that functions as a transport molecule in the blood, leaks into brain tissue when lab animals are exposed to mobile phone radiation. The research team also found…

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