Top 30 Offshoring Destinations

India remains the world leader in offshoring services in spite of economic crisis that affects the whole world. Analyzing 72 offshoring countries, the research firm Gartner has announced its ‘Top 30 offshoring destinations’, where India placed the top followed by China. The report shows that the dynamic nature of the market has seen a number of countries position themselves as credible alternatives to the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China). According to the report 10 countries from Asia Pacific were represented in the 30 leading countries. These included the undisputed leader in offshore services, India and the greatest challenger…

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Online Jobs Site Gets $110 Million Funding

How much the online Jobs sites are worth? $206 million in China. Chinese online jobs site has received a big $110 million round of mezzanine funding. This is the largest ever investment in the online jobs sector in China in recent years. According to the company CEO Hao Liu,, this will be the company’s final round of financing before a planned IPO in 2010. The latest purchases value Zhaopin—which translates as “help wanted”—at $206 million. The website is not making any profits. Insiders say it may be two years before Zhaopin breaks even. For the 2006-07 year it…

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