Falling Companies

Global economy crisis takes another toll. Eyespot Corporation closed its doors. They provide video uploading facility for Digital Bhoomi users. Now, we have to look for another video hosting company that can host our users’ videos of their real estate properties. You can still continue to upload your videos to YouTube and provide the link when you list your real estate property. If you want to post your real estate listings, please click here and select the city and post your ad. It’s simple, fast and very effective.

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American Economy Crisis

It’s getting worse every day. Washington Mutual failed today. FDIC seized the assets of Washington Mutual and sold the banking assets to JP Morgan for $1.9 billion. U.S. Congress is still debating whether to approve the bailout. Many banks are eagerly waiting for the free money. American President Bush warned the country about recession in his prime time television address to the nation. Even if warnings of economic catastrophe aren’t enough to win approval of a controversial $700 billion Wall Street bailout, the economy is not at risk of falling into a depression, most experts think so. Many experts think…

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