History is Made in U.S.

I guess that I am lucky to see the history making moment as it happens. It’s not just that a black man get elected as President. It’s much more than that. Most of America came together, irrespective of their race, and supported Obama. In the last one week, there were lot of things thrown at Obama. Still, he managed to sail it thru because of the support of the majority of the people. It’s truly a landslide victory given the circumstances. I was in San Francisco last week, when CNN broadcasted the accusation about Obama meeting with pro-palestinian professor. When…

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What if we all cared enough to vote?

In U.S., Starbucks is running an ad campaign with this tag line “What if we all cared enough to vote?” for the upcoming presidential election on November 4th. I wish that India has similar organizations that push the voters to get out and vote.

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