Myspace Concedes Defeat

Orkut is gone. Myspace finally concedes the defeat. Facebook is the social networking winner, at least for now. MyYearbook may catch up with facebook given the number of teenagers deserting facebook for myyearbook. In a desperate attempt to boost traffic, Myspace said it would allow users to sign up for its website with their existing Facebook credentials. The move will let Myspace import interests a user has identified on Facebook to show them content they may be interested in. Over time, it will give Facebook more data on Web users. The linkup is the latest in Myspace’s attempt to pare…

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Australian couple lost home via Facebook

When a notice is served from court, some loan defaulters hide in some places and don’t accept the notice. In the Facebook era, that doesn’t work anymore. A lending institution in Australia loaned the couple in Canberra more than A$100,000 ($122,000). The couple defaulted on the loan, bank couldn’t locate them in the last known residence. Bank’s lawyer obtained a default judgment in the couple’s absence and was able to convince the court to serve it via Facebook. More on this story is here.

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