Senator wants U.S. companies to fire foreign workers first

Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to Microsoft, urging them to make efforts to retain qualified American workers during its recently announced lay-offs. Noting that last year, Microsoft had advocated for more H-1B visas in the US Congress, the senator said the purpose of the H-1B programme for professionals in “specialty occupation” is to help companies hire foreign guest workers on a temporary basis when there is not a sufficient qualified American workforce to meet those needs, he said. However, the programme is not intended to replace qualified American workers, Grassley said asking questions of both American and foreign based…

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Microsoft to layoff 5,000 employees

Apple computers came up with good earnings yesterday. On the contrary, Microsoft corporation missed 2Q profit today. It reported 11% drop in 2nd quarter profit. Microsoft shares plunged 7% and are trading at $17.92. To make up for lost profit, Microsoft is going to terminate 5,000 employees over the next 18 months. Microsoft will terminate 1,400 employees today. Microsoft said it was being hurt by deteriorating global economic conditions and lower revenue from software for PCs. The holiday quarter of 2008 was the worst the PC market had seen in several years. Microsoft said that profit slipped to $4.17 billion,…

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