Opera Mini Browser

If you have used iPhone or iPod Touch, I am sure you loved the web page rendering in iPhone. It’s cool to see the entire web page shown in iPhone screen. Viewing the entire web page in other mobile phones was not possible… until Opera Mini was out. Opera Mini browser is really cool. You can see full web page in any mobile phone if you download opera’s free mini browser. If you see this blog in opera mini, it would look like the one below. Opera mini also increase the speed of web page rendering. It’s a real gift…

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Cell phones cause damage to memory

Swedish researchers have found memory impairment in rats exposed to cell phone radiation for two hours every week for more than a year. Henrietta Nittby and her supervisor Leif Salford, of the neurosurgery division of Lund University, Sweden, believe that the findings may be related to the team’s earlier findings, that microwave radiation from cell phones can affect the so-called blood-brain barrier. Salford and his associates have previously found that albumin, a protein that functions as a transport molecule in the blood, leaks into brain tissue when lab animals are exposed to mobile phone radiation. The research team also found…

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