U.S. workers call for law against outsourcing

It has been barely a week when I wrote about Senator Chuck Grassley’s letter to Microsoft. I mentioned “…Now the senator is speaking. You will see more protests in the street if things get worse…”. It is already happening. Washington Alliance of Technology Workers and Alliance IBM are running campaign against outsourcing and the proposed 2,800 job cuts announced recently in IBM. Lee Conrad, national coordinator of the Alliance, said, “The Alliance is strongly urging IBM not to go forward with a new round of job cuts and to stop the off-shoring of US workers’ jobs.” “There is a growing…

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Senator wants U.S. companies to fire foreign workers first

Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to Microsoft, urging them to make efforts to retain qualified American workers during its recently announced lay-offs. Noting that last year, Microsoft had advocated for more H-1B visas in the US Congress, the senator said the purpose of the H-1B programme for professionals in “specialty occupation” is to help companies hire foreign guest workers on a temporary basis when there is not a sufficient qualified American workforce to meet those needs, he said. However, the programme is not intended to replace qualified American workers, Grassley said asking questions of both American and foreign based…

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