Holy Dow!!!

Holy Dow, Green Monday, Moola Mania… Whatever you call it, this is a big relief for U.S. stock market. What a ride we had in the last 10 days! Dow Jones climbed 936 point to offer much needed relief to the investors. U.S. stock market paper gains totaled $1.2 trillion Monday according to the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Composite Index. The massive rebound also pushed the Nasdaq composite index higher by 195 points, or nearly 12 percent, its second-biggest gain in percentage terms. The Standard and Poor’s 500, rose 104 points, its biggest point gain ever and an 11.5 percent…

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Jim Cramer Should Be Suspended!

Whenever Jim Cramer shouts “Boo-yeah” in the TV show, I laugh or change the channel depends on my mood. It appears that Jason Schwarz is really angry at Jim Cramer. He calls for Jim Cramer to be suspended. What did Cramer do? Last week, he asked all investors to sellout. After seeing today’s rally, Jim Cramer may regret his comments last week. No one knows whether today’s rally is sucker’s rally or a real one. I don’t know whether Jim Cramer should be suspended. It would be nice if he can tone down his drama in the television show. Sometimes,…

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