Time Algorithm

Algorithm is a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor. (Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/algorithm) We can see the obvious words arrayed in sequence for rules, problem, a finite number of steps, and divisor. What is time algorithm? I defined time algorithm in my own words in a sentence as; a person using a fraction of time in a day to cogitate specifically focus on how to work and reach a personal daily life’s goal. The related elements between algorithm and time algorithm are; 1. Rules: using a fraction of…

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How to Manage Time Effectively – A Personal Quality Time Management

I write this article based on my true life searching and finding for what is a QTM (Quality Time Management) for me to make use it as my APQTM (A Personal Quality Time Management) and absolutely it is a type of writing which is characteristic apart from any other writers specific ideas in presenting and publishing their own personal thoughts. 1. Introduction As a reader, listener, and observer many times we heard about QTM already been defined, meant, and outlined by qualified and professional speakers. Things which a layman in banal couldn’t catch up the details of explanations made and…

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