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Our Winners in May 2013 contest!

Here is the list of the winners in May 2013 contest:

  • First prize goes to Funlover for What the hell is Google Glass? thread
  • Second prize goes to Sanchita for How to curb the premature aging in kids? thread
  • Third prize goes to Sachin for Traveling to China? Be a vegetarian thread
  • Here is the winner for Movie contest

  • Barfi - Movie Review by Sanchita
  • Congratulations to all the winners! Check out our contest for June 2013. Good Luck!!

    Here is list of other threads/posts that were in our short list.

  • The No Asshole Rule by Sachin
  • Sarabjeet died - Whose mistake? by Neena
  • Creative Ideas to teach children by Neena
  • How to copy pictures from Samsung phone by Manisha
  • Samsung's 6.3inch Galaxy Mega Smart Phone! by Sachin
  • Do not buy cheap mobile phone by Funlover
  • Another shameful act by Sanchita