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Our Winners for August 2008 contest!

Here is the list of the winners for August contest:

  • First prize goes to Sachin for True Olympian Spirit
  • Second prize goes to jyothi_pv1 for Mind Your English
  • Third prize goes to WinIndia for Industry professionals can now walk into IIT classes
  • Congratulations to all the winners! Check out our contest for September 2008! Good Luck!!

    Here is list of other threads/posts that were in our short list.

  • The Time Is Now by jayashree_s_kumar
  • Dell Foundation Invest $1.5M In Indian Microfinance company by Sachin
  • Bingos to Abhinav! by jyothi_pv1
  • How to get into IITs? by Sachin
  • Oil Shocks by jyothi_pv1
  • Beware! Your car can make your infertile! by Manish393