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Our Winners for October 2008 contest!

Here is the list of the winners for October contest:

  • First prize goes to arul for Nice article about Parents
  • Second prize goes to sushila for Why market is falling?
  • Third prize goes to jiths for Non-orphans
  • Congratulations to all the winners! Check out our contest for November 2008! Good Luck!!

    Here is list of other threads/posts that were in our short list.

  • 19 ways to happiness by arul
  • do it for our INDIA by jiths, jayashree s kumar and funlover
  • Power cut by jayashree s kumar
  • why Telangana State? by rajeshkottam and Yesb
  • Colour And Foods by jyothi_pv1, funlover
  • Scam.... Lottery Scam!!! by jiths
  • Girl set afire for wearing lipstick by inox
  • A chat with Dr. Devi Shetty by arul
  • Happy Days Movie by inox