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Our Winners in October 2009 contest!

Here is the list of the winners in October 2009 contest:

  • First prize goes to Niha Rika, Michaeldadona, jyothi_pv1 and Jayashree S Kumar for Does GOD really exist?
  • Second prize goes to MythiliK for Love Jihad
  • Third prize goes to Sowmya for Visiting Singapura
  • First prize for Technology contest goes to Shyco and Michaeldadona for How To Recharge Your Mobile Without Charger and Laptop Trouble, respectively
  • First prize for Cinema contest goes to Movie Review and Jayashree S Kumar for Bucket List Movie Review and Universal Hero, respectively
  • Congratulations to all the winners! Check out our contest for November 2009! Good Luck!!

    Here is list of other threads/posts that were in our short list for Monthly contest.

  • The cry that will never be answered by MythiliK
  • Don't say na na na to Banana!! by Jayashree S Kumar, Michaeldadona
  • Wonder kids' parents by Jayashree S Kumar
  • Indian engineer builds glaciers to stop warming by Michaeldadona
  • Food For Thought by Jayashree S Kumar
  • How to perform our public speaking by using time management? by Michaeldadona
  • PayPal payment button - how to create and embed it at your blog site? by Michaeldadona
  • Patient left locked in ambulance by Michaeldadona
  • Which is the best exerise? by Abhi_bangal, Michaeldadona
  • Here is list of other threads/posts that were in our short list for Technology contest.

  • Windows 7 will give new life to Microsoft by Sachin
  • How can I manage slow computer startup? by Shyco
  • Use your iPhone to learn more and better by Techie
  • A code to stop copy & paste of your work by MythiliK
  • Here is the short list for Cinema contest.

  • Ore Kadal Malayalam Movie Review by MythiliK