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Our Winners in October 2010 contest!

Here is the list of the winners in October 2010 contest:

  • First prize goes to rooparaghav for Parents = Expectations
  • Second prize goes to rooparaghav for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: An icon of humbleness
  • Third prize goes to Sowmya for Deadlines
  • Prize for Cinema contest goes to rooparaghav and Sowmya for Bharathi Raja Era: Still continuing in Tamil Cinema and E n D h i r A n � Movie Review threads
  • Congratulations to all the winners! Check out our contest for November 2010! Good Luck!!

    Here is list of other threads/posts that were in our short list for Monthly contest.

  • Growing Hatred is Not Showing Patriotism by MythiliK
  • Bullying thru Facebook by funlover
  • Writing as therapy by Nirmala
  • An Expectant Father by rooparaghav
  • Your secret of success by rooparaghav
  • Simple Life - Successful Life by kfsahiwala, Jayashree S Kumar
  • Hello by Jayashree S Kumar