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Digital Bhoomi Forums Mega Contest - 2013

Winners of 2013 Mega Contest!!

Here is the list of the winners of Mega Contest - 2013:

  • Jayashree S Kumar, MythiliK and Dreamygal for Men vs Women in Your Voice/Community Center category. The authors' thought provoking posts made many members to actively participate and contribute.
  • Sanchita for Goa - The land of Sun, Sea, Sand and Spices and Jayashree S Kumar for Green Gujarat in Travel category. Sanchita and Jayashree S Kumar took us in virtual trips to Goa and Gujarat!
  • MythiliK for 10 points every parent should teach their kids in Parenting category. MythiliK contributed very practical and useful thread to all young parents.
  • MythiliK for Mumbai Police - Malayalam Movie Review and Jayashree S Kumar for Aarambam - Tamil movie review in Cinema category. MythiliK and Jayashree S Kumar wrote useful threads to help us watching quality movies.
  • MythiliK for iPhone in the iCloud and Techie for It's just a mobile phone! in Mobile Phones category. Sometimes, it's hard to understand some technology concepts. MythiliK and Techie help us along the way all the time!
  • Congratulations to all the winners! We will have the similar contest for 2014 as well. The announcement will come soon!

    Here is list of other threads that were in our short list for Mega Contest 2013

  • Is freedom to kids necessary? by Jayashree S Kumar in Parenting
  • Transformation of a picky eater to a healthy eater by Sanchita in Parenting
  • How to curb the premature aging in kids? by Sanchita in Parenting
  • Crime Against Women - Never Going To End by MythiliK in Your Voice
  • Is there an end to these Barbaric Crimes? by MythiliK in Your Voice
  • Are marriages made in heaven ? by Jayashree S Kumar in Your Voice
  • Few seconds of sleep and lifetime of grief by Funlover in Your Voice
  • Facebook Fake Profiles - Watch Out by MythiliK in Your Voice
  • Viswaroopam - Tamil Movie Review by skabhi_88 in Cinema
  • My Boss - Malayalam movie review by MythiliK in Cinema
  • Chennai Express Movie Review by Funlover in Cinema
  • The Attacks of 26/11 - Review by Jayashree S Kumar in Cinema
  • Pranayam - Malayalam Movie Review by MythiliK in Cinema
  • All in All Azhaguraja - Tamil Movie Review by MythiliK in Cinema