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Why us? What is the difference between Digital Bhoomi and other classifieds sites?

First of all, we won't annoy you with lot of ads. User experience is our first priority. We have clean and intuitive interface that makes posting or viewing ads lot easier. We do display some ads without interrupting user experience. The ads help us to pay the bills to take care of the server and bandwidth.

We won't put spyware or adware in your PC. There are many classifieds sites in India do just that. We won't track your online activity. We respect your privacy.

We don't tolerate spams. Spammers throw junk at us every day, but we are not giving up! All those spams live in Digital Bhoomi only for few hours. We are fanatic about removing spams. You will see only genuine listings in Digital Bhoomi.

You can send free SMS to the advertisers.

You can upload videos/pictures of your properties and the things you want to sell. Your videos/pictures will attract more qualified buyers.

You can indicate your location in the map for all real estate listings. It will attract more buyers to your property.

You can earn points for all your listings except for job listings.

You can Connect to us from Orkut / Facebook / Hi5.

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