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  1. I am surprised!
  2. This is a shame
  3. Texas 22nd District Elections
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  9. who should govern us?
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  11. majority Religion/caste can rule indian politics
  12. (Ramar) Sethu samudhiram project why????
  13. King of karnataka!!!!!
  14. WE THE POWER to break the knuckles of nasty politicians
  15. INDIA await's New caste!!??!!??
  16. What to do for george Bush blame on INDIANS
  17. i dont think congress comes again !
  18. BJP won Karnataka Elections!
  19. Nepal
  20. what's ur view?
  21. declare A&L says our PM
  22. Oil exploration sonar killing whales and other mammals
  23. university for politics?
  24. transfer policy
  25. proud to be a keralite..from palakkad
  26. why Telangana State?
  27. Telangana NRIs Open Letter to Sonia Gandhi, AICC President
  28. new maharashtra? can they do it alone?
  29. A New Idealogy to win the Batlle
  30. Article from China Digital Times about India and China
  31. History is Made
  32. Superstar singer Shakira to perform in Obama's inauguration!
  33. young politician
  34. Tell the truth, Lose the job!
  35. Paradise
  36. Inauguration of new U.S. President
  37. Trends in words
  38. Watch the live stream of U.S. President Obama's Inauguration!
  39. Huge boycott of Israel underway
  40. Obama Inauguration Pictures
  41. Now someone throws shoe at Chinese premier
  42. how about indian pliticians? (jackal become a king in the jungle)
  43. Tamil nadu politicians are too bad!
  44. Reservation - Spoiling India or Not?
  45. Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka
  46. good political information site
  47. Sri Lanka troops move in on Tigers, 49,000 flee
  48. LTTE cannot be pardoned by India: Priyanka
  49. Modi in Gujarat
  50. black to white!
  51. Welcome Mr/Ms politician...
  52. between the devil & the deep sea?
  53. TN Expecting alternate to DMK and ADMK
  54. Come Forward and Vote to prove your Citizenship
  55. Topper even after losing....
  56. President Patil promises better deal for rural India
  57. youth in politics
  58. Banning Savitabhabi.com: government's double standards
  59. "House Adjourned".....
  60. Another set of actors or the usual politicians ?
  61. India Pak talks forever ?
  62. 1984 riots
  63. Right or wrong?
  64. Could George W. Bush end up going to prison?
  65. Politics, politics, all the way...
  66. Telangana, a separate state...
  67. Now, Indian Govt. to check if politicians pay their Income Tax
  68. Bloody Sunday History 30 January in Northern Ireland
  69. Sena's Gundagardi
  70. Rahul Gandhi shares space with Aam Aadmi...
  71. Rail budget
  72. Our DIDI
  73. Is knowing local language essential for a sitting C.M?
  74. Ban on face veils in France
  75. Pakistan to fight against India
  76. Is it fine to use Army to curb Naxalism? is it Justifiable?
  77. The Poor Members of Parliament (MP)
  78. Adarsh Nagar Society Scam in Mumbai
  79. Who likes politicians?
  80. Conspiracy of the Rich !!!!
  81. CWG sham - a violation against human rights
  82. will manmohan resign.?
  83. Why Karunanidhi didnt take revenge on Jayalalitha?
  84. The Wrong Path of TamilNadu Politics
  85. Lok Pal Bill
  86. BJP Suspended 7 MLA's of Jammu and Kashmir
  87. Tamilnadu Assembly Election Results
  88. PETROL Price Hiked in INDIA: Its ninth time hike in last nine months!
  89. The Lokpal Bill...
  90. Democracy for Namesake
  91. Is Slapping of the netas the best way to protest?
  92. A big Slap to the face of Indian Politics!
  93. War over water - Mulla Periyar Issue
  94. Lokpal War: Why we are losing it.
  95. Verdict of supreme court on 2g scam and its impact
  96. We are still afloat!
  97. Chote Netaji
  98. Whom to contact for Rural development?
  99. Pakistan's Musharaff is arrested!
  100. The common man's hope with the AAP's new beginning
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