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18-11-09, 12:02 PM
Should I take my computer to a repair shop?

18-11-09, 12:43 PM
You have to download registry easy because this can helps you to improve your browser speed. Registry easy is that way which you can eliminate your browser speed, system history, temporary files and cookies. Then your system and browser speed will be increase and better. I am giving you a link where you can download this software easily.

30-04-11, 04:27 PM
Without knowing what's the reason for slow process you should not go at computer repair shop.First check your processor's speed then check that basically that processor working at which speed.And if possible then please don't store more pictures and videos because images and videos takes more space in computer memory and if memory data so much increased by this then obviously your pc get slower.So try to know the things and do as per I say and then after your problem not solved then go at repair shop.

09-05-11, 12:45 PM
There are many reasons due to computer goes to working down day by day....waht type of problem u r facing ..tell me your problem thn i'll give u better suggestion for u :)

09-05-11, 04:21 PM
First you need to check out your hardware is working properly or not???? then you decide any other things to do...

09-05-11, 04:24 PM
what kind of problem you facing dude... Explain clearly.. may be I able to help you..

08-06-11, 06:23 PM
hi all
Thanks to you for sharing this valuable information with us.

23-06-11, 10:53 AM
how much memory you have? go to my computer -> view system information -> check the RAM size.

if you have < 500MB RAM, increase the RAM, you will get better performance.

04-08-11, 09:34 AM
Get a high-speed RAM. Regularly delete cookies and temporary internet files. Don't pile-up unnecessary data, pictures and videos. Empty recycle bin. It will help you a lot.

19-10-11, 03:37 PM
I think you have to install CCcleaner to remove unnecessary space from your computer. it will give you much more performance. Thank you.

03-01-12, 02:14 PM
There's a number of reasons. Computers have a limited ammount of processing power, so a lot of programs running simultaneously can slow a computer down considerably. Another reason is that some operations that are performed on the computer's hardware are slow due to the design of the hardware. For example both the hard drive and RAM is used to store information, however, RAM is many times faster at storing information.
You can increase speed of your computer system by using following technique...
1) Disk Defragmentation
2) Disk Cleanup
3) Repair Disk errors
4) Uninstall unused unnecessary programs

25-01-12, 10:04 PM
There are so many things which cause slowness of computer, do these thing it will help you in improving speed of your system. First Optimize your data,Run Disk Defragmenter, Automate Windows Update,Remove spyware, and help protect your computer from viruses. Also in hardware increase size of RAM.

20-02-12, 04:56 PM
You may try running disk clean up for all the drives. And after that run Disk Defregmentor.
You will find these from Start menu - Accessories- System tool. These are very effective tools.

29-02-12, 06:49 PM
To Speed up your PC use these steps-
(1) First remove unusual software from your PC by useing control panel-add/remove programs
(2) Second Scan your hard disk for error and use disk diffragment usenig my computer-select drive- Right click-Properties-tools-error check-and disk diffragment(XP base)
(3) use standard registry cleaner to cleanup the faulty registry entry and also repair registry entries. If you use Internet regularily so Please delete cookies and temprerory internet files by using internet option

27-05-12, 07:11 PM
Try re INstalling Your OS

27-05-12, 07:11 PM
Try re INstalling Your OS or Clear Cookies

17-06-12, 04:44 AM
Well friends there are many reason for going to slow compute but mostly affected reasons are like infected through virus, delete registry, install unwanted program which load more during process, not clear regular temp files, some files deleted so depends on other file can not works. So without facing any kind of problem it is difficult to say which problem your computer suffered and going to slow.

18-06-12, 10:52 AM
i think first you use de fragment your hard disk or format it then use.

18-06-12, 09:26 PM
i think first you use de fragment your hard disk or format it then use.

Sorry friend we should not make any kind of assumption here because I had already told you that there are so many reason for going to slow your computer. Suppose if there is not problem regrading software then make defragment or format computer is worth less.