View Full Version : Jamun Recipe

anitha chowdary
11-01-11, 12:06 PM
First i dont know how to prepare jamun,Yesterday simply i tried its came nicely Here am giving how i did

1. Take the jamun powder to bowl and mix with water and keep 5-10 minutes to come smooth
2. Sugar syrap : 1cup sugar - 3 cups water if you want very sweet you can add two cups sugar and put on stove heat at medium heat for 10-20 minutes until sugar is dissolved in water. then took this to one bowl

3. Now take the jamun powder mixed and make the small balls and heat that into the oil after that put into the sugar syrap

4. Keep the balls into sugar syrap upto 30 min and the Gulam Jamun Ready to eat now

11-01-11, 02:25 PM
thats how we make jamuns with instant jamun mix. I would love to know how to prepare that jamun mix at home so that I get the same taste like we do from jamun mix. Thanks anitha for sharing.