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15-02-11, 11:30 AM
We all purchase sweets on festivals. The sweets we purchase are all adulterated. Adulteration is maximum in festivals. Here is a convenient way of preparing rasgulla in a pressurecooker.

Ingredients:- 1 litre of milk,
2 teaspoon curd
1 teaspoon citric acid dissolved in 1/2 cup of water,
1 teaspoon maida or refined flour,
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
3 cups water,
1/4 teaspoon eilaichi powder(green cardamom powder)/or kewra essence or elaichi essence.
Process of making paneer:- Bring milk to boil in a pan. Allow it to cool. Take out all the malai(fat) from the surface. Boil the milk once again, Gradually add curd and stir. Addition of curd will ensure soft rasgullas. Add citric acid stirring constantly. When milk curdles keep it in slow flame for about 20 min so that it gives a spongy texture to the paneer. Remove it from fire and kep it covered for 15 minutes. Take a muslin cloth and pour the curdled milk into it and strain. Gather up the corners of the muslin cloth and tie it somewhere for 15 minutes. Squeeze the cloth, take it down and place it between two cutting boards. On top of the board, place a 1 kg object. After one hour remove the object. Untie the cloth and remove paneer .
Process of making rasgulla:- Keep the paneer on a plain surface or on the utensil where you prepare chapatti dough.. Knead it with heel of the hand for about 2 minutes. Add refined flour and continue to knead till the grains disappear and paneer becomes soft and creamy(approximately 15-20 min) . The more you knead, the rasgulla will be that softer. Divide the mixture into 12 equal portion. Form each into a ball. roll each ball with slight pressure between palms till it becomes smooth ane even.
Put water and sugar in the cooker. Add green cardamom powder. Place cooker on high heat and stir it constantly so that the sugar dissolves completely. Reduce the heat and carefuly place paneer balls one by one in syrup.
Close cooker and bring it to full pressure, reduce heat, wait for two whistles and take out from heat . Allow to cool naturally.
Open cooker and transfer it into a bowl. Serve it when it is cool.

anitha chowdary
24-02-11, 09:50 PM
Superb sanchita great recipe i like rasagulla more i will try this if i get good i will remember you foreverthank for this

28-02-11, 05:42 PM
Give it a try. I am sure, you will never buy it from the market again.

16-03-15, 05:20 PM
Hi Sanchita. Nice recipe you have shared. I like to try this for my business too.