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10-02-12, 06:46 PM
The tussle between the spirited teams of the Club Play Factory Playoffs 2012 couldn’t have got any deadlier as the countdown for the finale has already begun. The Play Factory gaming 3D eSports finale is at Oshiwara, Mumbai. Equipped with 24 inch LED full HD monitors, built to specification rigs from ASUS & Coolermaster, Graphic Cards and 3D kits from nVIDIA, and the choicest accessories from Razer, the venue promises a world-class experience for the gamer.

February 11th and 12th, 2012 will witness the final battle between the dynamic teams for the coveted title. The enthusiastic team players are keeping no stone unturned in making these matches colossal in every sense of the word, What is making it all the more exciting is the whooping amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- to be distributed for the victorious team. Also, a sum of Rs. 50,000/- kept aside for the runner-up team is making it a gruelling action. The spirit, vigour, passion and thumping action for the biggest eSports Gaming League is worth keeping an eye on. As quoted by the Co-Founder of Play Factory, Bhavya Parekh, ”Playoffs is not just a world-class eSports Event but it has added a whole new dimension for the gaming community in India”. “A specially designed area has been provided for brands to showcase new products and offerings apart from under-development products as well. Play Factory will introduce & provide the Indian gaming community an international environment to foster a higher chance of success of our professional Gamers when they participate in world championships”, adds Bhavya Parekh.

Last Saturday was a day to remember for Colossal Damage as they not only emerged victorious against United5 but also against the best team in the league, ATE. Sunday, on the other hand, was not entirely a good day for them as tempers flared in their game against Team5. At first it started off with some in-team fighting, and by the end of the game both the teams were at each others’ necks as a player from Team5 was oblivious of the fact that he was using certain in-game settings that were not allowed in the Club Play Factory Playoffs 2012. After a lot of heated discussions, it was decided that a re-match would be played between the two teams on the coming weekend.

Team United5 did not have a good weekend as they not only dropped out of 3rd Place, but also now find themselves stuck in the middle of the table in 6th Place. Teams FTW and A4D have all but ensured a place amongst the Top 3 with their winning performances over the weekend.

With the top four teams, ATE, FTW, A4D and Colossal Damage all fighting it out for the number one spot, the coming weekend's fixtures are surely going to be too irresistible to miss out on.

Stay updated and check out all the live video action on: clubpf.tk

About Play Factory:
Play Factory (erstwhile NRG Gaming) has, over the last 7 years, emerged as the solitary, consolidated platform for all brands to showcase technology, products and promotions to Game Developers and Publishers, Hardware Manufacturers, International Leagues and Championships, Game and Hardware Reviewers, Professional and Casual Gamers, and also Brands & Media looking to engage with this exciting and fast growing Community.