View Full Version : Aakasamantha Movie Review

22-04-09, 10:13 AM
The essence of family relations is always the key aspect for any human being and it has now become the key for many film makers too given the successful response they get from the audience. Now, here is one film that revolves around the bondage between father and daughter.

Raghuram (Prakashraj) and Sudhakar (Jagapathi Babu) happen to be visitors of the same park but come for different reasons. While the senior aged Raghuram comes for his exercises and jogging, Sudhakar comes there along with his two year old daughter who loves to play in the children’s play zone. As expected, both of them get the chance to catch up with a chat and it is here that Raghuram shares his experiences as a girl’s father. It all starts from the time his daughter Abhi (Trisha) is born and till the day she gets married and leaves the place. Raghuram also reveals the time when Abhi falls in love and things get a bit complicated and emotional. How does Sudhakar react to all that and how good is Raghuram’s story forms the rest of the tale.

Jagapathi Babu has done justice to his brief role while Trisha carried out role with aplomb, Aishwarya was there but nothing special about her. Ganesh Venkatraman was also neat, a stunning performance from Thalaivasal Vijay who came with an astonishing performance. Venkatraman was effective but the real showstealer was Prakashraj who came out with a powerhouse performance and showed the different emotions as a father in such impressive manner. The others were about okay.