How To Get Yourself Exercising

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Whether you are doing it for your physical health or your emotional health, exercise is such an important thing to make sure you set aside time for. Here are some great ways that I make sure I motivate myself to exercise:

1) Write it into your to-do list: I have noticed that writing in exercise into my schedule makes me actually do it. If I leave it in the back of my head, I am most likely either going to forget about it or not do it because I have too much work. When you put it into your schedule, you are going to be more eager to accomplish the goal.

2) Do what you love: Exercising doesn?t always have to be running on a treadmill; it can be hiking, dancing, or just walking. If you plan on doing something that you actually like, you are more likely going to do it.

3) Do it with a group: Exercising is so much more fun when you do it in a group. Moreover, you will feel more motivated when you see others challenging themselves. If you can?t find a group of friends who want to exercise with you, gym classes are always a great option for working out, meeting new people, and having fun!

4) Tell others about it: Tell your friends that you are going to a dance class or invite your friends to go hiking with you. When you tell others about you working out, they are most likely going to commend you for your commitment, which is going to make you feel more motivated to continue working out.

5) Take it slow: Don?t rush into your workout and don?t be disappointed if you can?t carry a heavy weight instantly. I have personally grown so much in terms of exercise and that is only because of practice and challenging myself. Don?t take it too easy on yourself, but only challenge yourself to the point that you are comfortable with. Understand what you can do and cannot do and work towards being able to do the things that you currently cannot do.

6) Give yourself breaks: You don?t need to exercise like you are a model or an Olympic athlete. It is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes each day, but don?t go overboard because it is going to cause more harm than good. Working out for hours is going to make you feel more drained and less likely to want to work out again the next day. Also, make sure to stretch before and after you work out to prevent injuries.

Exercise is very important for your health and it will help you feel better on the outside and inside. Find the type of exercise that excites you. Challenge yourself and have fun!

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